Wikipedia, porn, and the FBI

Everybody is wondering who is in charge at Wikipedia ever since Fox News reported that founder Jimmy Wales has relinquished some control over the site's material. The story claimed that, following Wales' alleged attempt to delete a slew of pornographic images from the site, he has been denied the right "to delete files, remove administrators, assign projects or edit any content."

Wikipedia Site Fails After Servers Overheat

Wikipedia experienced major service outages today that took the popular free reference site down for roughly 2 hours, beginning at around 1:00 PM EST.

According to a Facebook blog post, the outage has been attributed to overheating at the site's European data center.

The servers shut down, which ultimately led to more issues:

Google Gives to Wikipedia

Google Inc., the Internet's most profitable company, is giving $2 million to support Wikipedia, a volunteer-driven reference tool that has emerged as one of the Web's most-read sites.

Wikimedia Foundation, owner of Wikipedia, said Wednesday that Google has donated $2 million to further develop the popular encyclopedia and other projects.

Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia's founder, broke the news on Twitter on Tuesday, followed by a formal announcement from the nonprofit organization.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin, in a statement, called Wikipedia "one of the greatest triumphs of the Internet…t

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