Wal-Mart opens new trade-in initiative for consoles and games

"Leading international retailer Wal-Mart has recently opened a new trade-in program allowing consumers to trade-in select gaming consoles and games for in-store credit. Wal-Mart’s new trade-in program gives consumers the opportunity to trade-in unwanted games and consoles for store credit, while also throwing a direct punch at GameStop’s similar trade-in initiatives."

Wal-Mart adds streaming video to its website

"Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has added streaming movies to its website as the world's largest retailer attempts to grab a bigger share of the online movie market from rival service Netflix Inc.

The decision to offer movie sales and rentals through Walmart.com comes just two weeks after Netflix raised prices for the majority of its customers. The price hike provoked howls of protest from consumers and disappointing subscriber growth projections, leading to a significant drop in Netflix's stock price.

Wal-Mart to move into streaming space?

Could be so with possible purchase of VUDU

Wal-Mart might be looking at expanding their empire into a different direction. Sources are telling us that a deal has been brokered for the retailer to purchase VUDU. With the potential purchase of VUDU, it would place Wal-Mart in the streaming business.

The decision could be a very smart move by the company, who is already one of the largest retailers of DVD and Blu-ray movies.

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