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Video Game Playing Increases Food Intake In Teens

"There have been plenty of anecdotal associations between gaming and obesity. Now Canadian and Danish researchers have tested the hypothesis that video game playing leads to increased spontaneous food intake; a true test of causation vs. correlation. Their conclusion?


"What happened in the gaming industry? What happened to our expectations of what a quality game is supposed to be? In today’s industry a game can be a brilliant linear story line with amazing gameplay that can move you emotionally and thrill you, but it won’t sell because the ending doesn’t change or there is no multiplayer. I am sometimes ashamed at the video game community when they refuse to buy a game not because it is a bad game, but because it doesn’t meet our “replayability” checklist.

Brink for PC: runs great, plays well online, is a ton of fun

"Yesterday I explained why Ars Technica would not be publishing a review of the Brink code we were given, and I still believe that was a good decision. However, the PC review code arrived and we have played for a few hours. This still isn't a standard review, not with the short amount of time played, but we can happily report that the technical issues found in the Xbox 360 version pre-patch are nowhere to be seen.

ESRB Ratings to be Assigned by Computer

"After years of manually assigning ratings, the Entertainment Software Rating Board will begin relying on computers to rate downloadable games. Traditionally, games have been rated by a three-person committee that reviews a game's contents and an accompanying questionnaire. This will remain in place for traditional retail releases.

The incredible shrinking game: the truth of game length in the modern industry

"When will gamers finally have way too much of not enough? The tension between game prices and the length of the experience is only becoming more apparent as big-budget, long-hyped releases can be finished in the span of an afternoon. Most recently, Medal of Honor, Vanquish, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 were chastised by critics and consumers alike for being incredibly brief—all take about five hours to complete. Games are getting shorter, but not many in the industry readily want to admit it.

3D games could give sales of 3D TVs a lift

"Video games serve as perfect 3-D bait because gamers are not only early technology adopters but also are constantly searching for new ways to dive deeper into rich game environments. Sony, for one, has a vested interest in seeing 3-D television succeed. The electronics maker sells 3-D Bravia LCD TVs, as well as PlayStation 3 video game systems. Its game studios also have several 3-D-compatible video games in the works."

Smithsonian To Feature Video Game History

"The Smithsonian American Art Museum has featured everything pop culture from Dorothy's ruby red slippers to Seinfeld's puffy shirt. Now it will exhibit a history of video games. The Smithsonian American Art Museum said that an exhibit called the "The Art of Video Games," will open to the public in Washington, D.C. on March 16, 2012. The exhibit will explore the 40-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, with a focus on striking visual effects and the creative use of new technologies."

21 PC Games We'd Like To Receive This Holiday Season

"So perhaps BioShock 2 is a little old. That's alright. It was one of the biggest FPS titles to hit the PC in 2010. Even better, for those who love to collect extra goodies, the $59.99 Bioshock 2 Limited Edition bundle is an ideal gift this holiday season, packing the BioShock 2 game, a 164-page hardcover art book, three vintage Rapture advertisement posters (rolled up), an audio CD featuring the game's orchestral score, and a vinyl LP featuring the original BioShock orchestral score. The bundle isn't available on GameStop's Web site.

Video Game Sales Fall for 6th Consecutive Month

"As the holiday season approaches, things have yet to pick up for the video game industry as sales fell for the sixth month in a row in September. Research group NPD reports that, in the month of September, sales of video game software, hardware and accessories fell 8 percent to $1.2 billion. Game hardware was hit the hardest, with sales falling 19 percent to $383 million.

Have you played Minecraft?

"Like a zombie shambling into the light, it seemed to come out of nowhere. Then, before you knew it, it was the game everyone was talking about. "Have you played Minecraft?" people would ask. And then I did, and I understood. Beneath its blocky visuals lies an astoundingly deep experience. You explore, collect, and build, and then when night falls, you hope you don't die. It's the type of game that really needs to be experienced before you can fully understand it.

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