Ubisoft's DRM No Longer Requires Constant Internet Access on Some Titles

"Ubisoft has confirmed to Shacknews that the always-on DRM in a few of its PC titles has been patched out, including Assassin's Creed II and Splinter Cell: Conviction. The Ubisoft representative reminded us that this was done on a case-by-case basis and that from the beginning the company had said it might patch the DRM out at some point. New games, however, may still ship with the always-on DRM, Ubisoft confirmed to Shacknews." | more

Ubisoft to ditch user manuals

Will move to in-game instructions

In a move that the company claims is an effort to be greener, Ubisoft will ditch the typical user’s manual included with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles for in-game instructions. The company claims that the in-game instructions will be more extensive than we have seen in the past.

Ubisoft’s New DRM Cracked

Thursday Update: Good morning peoples. Now that the news has spread like wildfire, Ubisoft is finally issuing a response and it is predictably vague. So vague that I am inclined to believe their statement doesn’t hold much water or truth. Is it possible some aspect of the game is missing? Sure. Is it likely? No, not given how Ubisoft designed Silent Hunter V, meaning it’s not an MMO and it’s world doesn’t exist on a 3rd-party server. If Ubisoft really wants to defeat piracy, may I suggest that your next game be called Silent Hunter Online?

Ubisoft Unveils New PC DRM

Update: Ubisoft has sent over an FAQ with more details (below) including a promise that should the service be stopped, games would be patched to remain playable.

Original: Developer and publisher Ubisoft's new PC DRM solution will feature no CD checks or installation limits and pack support for 'cloud' online saved game storage but will require players be online to authenticate before playing, GameSpy reveals.

Players will be required to login to their Ubi.com account to authenticate each and every time they wish to play--and there will be no support at all for offline play.

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