Man Killed Over Sending Text Messages During Movie Previews

"A Florida man was shot and killed during a screening of the new movie "Lone Survivor" over the weekend. The shooting happened near Tampa, Florida and the ruckus started because of text messages. Chad Oulson, 43, who was there to see the film with his wife, was texting during the previews before the film despite being asked several times to stop by Curtis Reeves, a retired police officer. Oulson at the time stated he was texting his 3-year-old daughter."



Texting Laws Haven't Reduced Crashes

"A new study from the insurance industry finds texting while driving laws have had no immediate benefit in reducing crashes. The study done by a branch of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety looked at crash data from four states with texting bans. It found that in three of the states — California, Louisiana, Minnesota — crashes actually increased." | more

Cop Drives 126mph While Texting, Kills Teen Girls

[Cops Wanted!] Job Requirements: Eat Donuts, Shoot Big Guns, Drive Insanely Fast While Texting and Kill Teen Girls. Make Big $$$, Apply Now!!!

Green Fire + Texting = Bad News

Confucius say your smart phone is only as bright as the fool that uses it.

"The text message said: “Hey Dawg, do you have a $20 I can buy right now?” Sheriff Leo Dutton initially thought someone was playing a joke on him, but quickly realized it was a real request for a drug exchange..." | more

Texting is, like, totally taking over

OMG! As if you needed a study to know this:

Among teenagers, cell phone texting is now clearly, officially, poll-proven, like the most preferred method of electronic communication among friends, with talking on the phone a close second.

This 4-1-1 (bit of information) comes from a report, “Teens and Mobile Phones,” released Tuesday by the Washington-based Pew Research Center’s Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Hey, kids! Sexting is a bad idea!

You know, back in my day, us kids were perfectly happy to just cop a few condoms from Dad’s drawer and get on with our business. We’ve heard plenty about kids running up ridiculous texting bills and sexting (sending erotic pictures, video, and even text via SMS and MMS) has made headlines in the last year or so. Now, though, a study by Pew Internet & American Life Project reveals that as many as 15% of teens have received or sent sexually explicit text messages.

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