Nvidia to Unveil Tegra 2 with 3D, Tegra 3 with Four Cores

"As per the Mashable report, Tegra 3 supports four cores to further boost browsing and gaming on tablets and smartphones. In addition, writes White, multiple cores can run at half speed to accomplish the same tasks that a single core requires at full speed, further conserving power to enhance battery life."

2011 Is The Year of Dual-Core Superphones

"A few weeks ago we talked to some key people at Nvidia and we still have a few details to reveal from these talks. Tegra general manager Mike Rayfield told us that Nvidia strongly believes that we will see a new phone category in 2011. He calls them superphones." | more

New Tegra introduced

You can play Unreal engine 3 on the latest Tegra, it is that fast and it will run super high resolutions and even run Blu-ray 3D. Nvidia claims that its 10 times faster than its predecessor, that 500 engineers worked to make it possible and that the chip can run just about anything. Remember, we told you about it here.

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