Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 Running In a Web Browser Using WebGL

"Unreal Engine now runs in Flash and Crytek is considering porting CryEngine to Flash, but perhaps the Source Engine could go a different route. A software developer who works for Motorola Mobility has managed to get the engine and a level from Team Fortress 2 running in a browser using WebGL.

Valve: Team Fortress 2 is free forever

"Valve has once again turned to Team Fortress 2 as the studio’s outlet for experimentation, this time with a daring move to make the triple-A game entirely free to play."

Team Fortress 2 Hide and Seek Mod Found to be Great

Darkimmortal's crazy Prop Hunt mod for Team Fortress 2 has been out for a little while, but somehow eluded us until now. Thanks to the below video, we can safely say this is something worth checking out. The setup is simple: one team spawns as Team Fortress 2 props and scurries to hide, while the other all-Pyro team must seek out and identify those props from the rest of the scenery. It all results in some fairly hilarious situations, such as the sequence beginning at 4:25.
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