Super Computer

Apple iPad 2 As Fast As The Cray-2 Super Computer

"A university research director has shown that Apple's iPad 2 is as fast as the Cray-2 vector super-computer out of Cray Research from the 1980's. With some work to to the software, the iPad 2 performance benchmark result is quite impressive..."

Adapteva Announces 700 MHz, 4096-Core Processor

"The company claims that the chip will be achieving a performance efficiency of 70 GFlops per watt. The flagship processor would produce more than five times the floating point performance of the ASCI RED, a supercomputer that used 9,680 Pentium Pro processors back in 1997, which was good for a total performance of 1 TFlops.

Running high-performance neural networks on a "gamer" GPU

"A recent project here at the Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris (LCMCP) wants to make high-performance scientific computing cheaper by finding new ways to squeeze performance from consumer-grade "gamer" hardware. The idea is nothing less than building the equivalent of a $400,000 custom high performance computing setup for only $40,000.

Breakthrough Toward Quantum Computing

"Qubit registers have been a hard thing to construct; this looks to be a substantial advance in the multiple entanglements required for their use. Quoting: 'Olivier Pfister, a professor of physics in the University of Virginia's College of Arts & Sciences, has just published findings in the journal Physical Review Letters demonstrating a breakthrough in the creation of massive numbers of entangled qubits, more precisely a multilevel variant thereof called Qmodes. ...

Air Force Supercomputer Made From PS3's

"The Air Force's Research Lab in Rome, NY. has one of the cheapest supercomputers ever made, and best of all over 3,000 of your friends can play Tekken on it. The computer is made from 1,716 PlayStation 3s linked together, and is used to process images from spy planes. From the article: "The Air Force calls the souped-up PlayStations the Condor Supercomputer and says it is among the 40 fastest computers in the world.

China Steals Supercomputer Crown From U.S.

"A Chinese-built supercomputer is now the fastest such machine in the world, according to a team of researchers that tracks performance of big iron systems. China's Tianhe-1A system, located at the National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin, achieved a performance of 2.57 petaflops per second. It bested the U.S.

Nvidia chips power fastest supercomputer

"The Chinese "Tianhe-1A" has hit 2.507 petaflops, using 7168 Nvidia Tesla M2050 GPUs and 14,336 Intel Xeon CPUs. It beats another Chinese supercomputer also using Nvidia chips called Nebulae, which can manage 1.271 petaflops when the wind is behind it and it is going downhill. Nebulae is the second fastest in the world based on the Top500 June list. Nvidia said that the "Tianhe-1A" will not only be the fastest but will also be greener.

IBM’s Hot-Water Supercomputer Goes Live

A close-up of the IBM Aquasar server blade shows the piping and processor enclosures supporting the water-cooling system.

Microsoft to make supercomputers easier

Cunning plan

Microsoft wants to improve its share of the super computer market and the company has created an effort called the Technical Computing Initiative focused on the field of high-performance computing.

Microsoft has quietly staffed up the group with several hundred employees and is launching a marketing push with a new website touting trends in high-performance computing. Most punters don't need much computer performance but high-performance machines are the key to the design of a lot of everyday products.

Superconductor World Record Surpasses 250K

Superconductors.ORG herein reports the observation of record high superconductivity near 254 Kelvin (-19C, -2F). This temperature critical (Tc) is believed accurate +/- 2 degrees, making this the first material to enter a superconductive state at temperatures commonly found in household freezers.

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