Valve Launches Beta For New Steam UI

A public beta for an all-new user interface for Steam, Valve's digital distribution program, is now available to all users through the beta opt-in setting inside of Steam. If you have Steam installed, click here to opt-in.

In the press release, John Cook, director of Steam development, released the following statement:

We made hundreds of changes to the Steam client as a result of customer feedback on the interface, performance, and functionality. For example, we swapped out the Internet Explorer rendering engine with WebKit, which gives us a bunch of size, stability and performance benefits. This release of Steam leaves us well prepared for another year of strong growth.

A full rundown of the new features in this beta can be found at the Steam website.



What we'd do (in a perfect world) to fix Steam's problems

Over the holidays, Steam gave gamers quite the present: an ongoing series of sales with big-name games running as low as $2.50. It was hard to resist many of the deals, and many of us snapped up a large variety of games across a series of platforms. Bioshock for $5? Killing Floor for $5? Burnout Paradise for under $10? Who could say no?

Steam slashes up to 80% for upcoming holidays

We must admit that buying games has never been more attractive in the spirit of this year's holiday season, Steam is slashing anywhere from 25% to as much as 80% off its current offer.

Valve's offer is down by about 25%, and the pricing on Valve Complete Pack bundle is down to €52,49. A month back this money could buy you only Left for Dead and Left for Dead 2, whereas now you can treat yourself to the entire arsenal of Valve's games at the same price. You can check it out here.

Steam Weekend Deal Slashes THQ Collector's Pack

This week's Steam weekend sale sees the THQ Collector's pack discounted, while being simultaneously bolstered by the addition of Dawn of War II. The pack, which includes 13 THQ games, is on sale for 25% off the usual $100--in other words, $75 total. For just over the price of a console game--or Modern Warfare 2, that is--you'll be playing Company of Heroes, Titan Quest, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Full Spectrum Warrior, and plenty of Warhammer RTS goodness.



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