Introducing Steam Trading Beta

"As we all know, Jonas Salk invented money in 1955 so he would have a way to earn a living from his polio vaccine. Before that, people just traded things they found for things that other people had found. So you might "sell" somebody a scrap of carpet, say, in exchange for an old bottle. It was a perfect system with only one drawback: people spent their lives bartering for piles of garbage before dying of polio.

Battlefield 3 is not coming to Steam, but EA has a real reason

"Gamers have been worried for some time about their ability to buy Battlefield 3 from Steam, and EA has now provided an official statement on the matter: until Valve changes its policies, the game won't be available on the most popular digital distribution service in the United States. According to EA, this isn't their call; it's due to the fact that Valve has placed restrictions on how content can be shared on the games sold via Steam."

Steam Rakes In Almost $1 Billion in 2010

"According to the firm, Steam alone had an estimated revenue of $970 million USD in 2010. Its biggest-selling game for the year was Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops for $98.2 million followed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for $39.4 million. Its third largest selling game for the year was Valve's own Left 4 Dead 2 which raked in an impressive $36 million. Steam even took in an estimated $213 million in December alone, probably due to its crazy year-end holiday sale."

Steam Daily Holiday Deals Bring Another 12 Discounts

Today's daily deals in the Steam Holiday Sale of 2010 bring some huge discounts to a good set of games. Immediate standouts are Burnout Paradise, The Witcher, and BioShock 2. These deals will last until tomorrow morning at 10AM PST, when we'll get a new set of discounts. Your deals for 12/21 are:

Game Stores View Valve's Steam as the Devil

"You may love Steam and games publishers may love Steam, but games retailers are certainly having no love for the premier digital distribution channel for PC games. According to MCV, certain game retailers in the UK are upset enough by Steam to threaten that they will not carry any product that carry any Steam integration. Retailers feel that Steam integration will just drive customers to the Steam service, thereby killing the retail model." | more

Valve Caps The Pipe Dreams On Linux

The closest thing to Steam and Linux is a Mac OS X... I know it's sad right? sad

"Question: Final question, and one I’m sure you’re not super-keen to answer, but I promised one of our tech guys I’d ask it. What truth is there to rumours that you’re also working on a Linux version of Steam? -- Doug Lombardi: There’s no Linux version that we’re working on right now..."

Mac OSX: Got Game?

Given the added improvement of the Mac OSX running a Unix-based operating system with Intel processors, it doesn't' take the programmers long to cross platforms. I'm a little surprised that Apple is actually doing something right here. It feels like a perfect win-win for Steam and Mac to work together. I've known plenty of Mac Book users installing Windows XP on separate partitions. Some of the hold backs for Mac adopters are in large part due to the lack of game support. So what are your thoughts on this matter?

Alien Swarm (Free Game)

Alien Swarm is a game and Source SDK release from a group of talented designers at Valve who were hired from the Mod community.

33% Off Dragon Age on Steam

With the first full-fledged expansion for Dragon Age: Origins hitting North American today, digital distributor Steam has commemorated the occasion with a "Midweek Madness" sale.

Both Dragon Age: Origins PC and Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Edition PC have been marked down by 33%--making then $33.49 and $43.54, respectively--with the prices good until 4 PM PST on Thursday, March 18.

Steam might be headed to Mac OS X

Clues in the latest update point in that direction

It would seem that with the announced update to Steam, Valve has reportedly left some clues that a potential port of Steam to Mac OS X might actually be in the works. While Valve isn’t talking, our sources tell us that the beta has offered some clues that seem to indicate it could be in the works.

The decision to bring Steam to the Mac OS X platform really isn’t that surprising because a number of publishers are already using the Steam service to offer Mac versions of their titles.

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