Giada Announces i35V Series Mini PC with Included mSATA SSD

August 28, 2012, San Francisco, California – Giada, a brand of Jehe Technology Inc., (JEHE) today announces the i35V Series Mini PC. This Giada mini PC series comes with a 32GB mSATA SSD providing ultra fast boot-up speeds and offers an ideal combination of price and performance in a space saving format with very low power consumption.





Microsoft improves Chkdsk

"In Windows 8 it looks like the ChkDsk utility will get a revamp to speed it up. Microsoft also tweaked NTFS, the Windows OS file system so that the NTFS "health model" conceived the machine's hard disk as a single unit that was either well or damaged, and took the machine completely offline and made unavailable to the end user while ChkDsk ran. In Windows 8, however, the NTFS scans for problems in the background while the system remains online, and an initial attempt to fix problems on-the-fly."

SSD Prices Start Tumbling

"NAND flash Solid-State drive (SSD) prices have started tumbling and the industry has started betting on wider adoption. The OEM contract rates are expected to cost less than a dollar per GB by beginning of April, expect industry sources.

With HDD prices still more than double the rates prior to Thailand floods, the gap between mainstream SSD drives and traditional hard drives has narrowed. However, despite hitting an all time low, SSD is about five times as expensive as HDD.

Corsair Accelerator Series SSD Cache Drives

"An Accelerator Series SSD cache drive doesn't replace your hard drive — it just makes it faster. Installation takes just minutes. There are no configuration hassles and you'll start to experience the improvement immediately... Using an Accelerator Series™ solid-state cache drive can boost your system's read and write performance up to 5x compared to using a hard drive alone. Just add the cache drive to your system, download and install the intelligent caching software, and start enjoying faster boot times and quicker file access..."

World's first 128Gb 20nm NAND flash could pack 2TB into a 2.5" SSD

"Intel and Micron's joint venture IMFT has announced that it has produced a 128Gb die. A package combining eight such dies together would be small enough to fit on a fingertip and boast an unprecedented 128GB capacity. Mass production will start in the first half of next year, and devices using the new dies are likely to start shipping in 2013..."

Seagate releases next gen hard-drives

"Seagate is shipping its second generation of Momentus XT, solid state hybrid drive for consumer and commercial laptops... The Momentus XT drive is nearly 70 percent faster than the prior Momentus drive version and up to three times faster than a traditional hard disk drive while providing 750GB of storage capacity. Its Serial ATA 6Gb/second interface and 8 gigabytes of Single Level Cell NAND flash double the interface and NAND read-write speed of the previous generation. The Momentus XT drive is now shipping in volume worldwide. A 750GB drive will cost $245."

OCZ officially launches Octane SSDs

"OCZ has finally unveiled its first solid state drives based on the Indilinx Everest platform, the Octane series SSDs. The new Octane Series will include Octane, SATA 6.0Gbps, and Octane-S2, SATA 3.0Gbps, 2.5-inch SSDs. Previously announced back in July, the Indilinx Everest platform packs a controller with dual-core ARM CPU and features support for TLC NAND, support for 1xnm node NAND flash, support for up 512MB of 400MHz DDR3 DRAM cache and high sequential speeds and high transactional perfromance optimized for 4K to 16K compressed files..."

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