Sony can't guarantee PlayStation Network won't get hacked again

"Sony knows how - but not who - hacked into its PlayStation Network last month in possibly the biggest Internet security breach in history. And despite beefing up its system to prevent another cyberattack like the one that exposed the personal information of 100 million users, Sony can't guarantee that it won't happen again. In a letter sent this week to members of Congress, the Japanese tech giant said it boosted security measures through added firewalls, new policy changes and increased monitoring of its PlayStation and Qriocity systems.

Sony Hackers Take Canada

"Apparently it's still "cool" to hack anything to do with Sony.

On Tuesday, Sony Ericsson Canada's eShop, an online store for mobile phones and accessories, was breached, exposing the personal details of thousands of users. Sony Ericsson has disabled the website and claims it was not conncted to any Sony Ericsson servers.

Hands-on: Sony's head-mounted 3D display

"I got some hands-on time to test the prototype at Sony's CES booth after the company's press briefing. It has two separate screens on the inside—one for each eye. It has a simple slider for adjusting the distance between the screens, allowing it to be easily calibrated to match the spacing between the user's eyes for optimal 3D performance.

Sony Ericsson Goes Android

The Android family gets bigger with the addition of Sony. Is this a sign Nokia is failing to adapt by holding onto Symbian?

Sony Makes Fun of Microsoft's Kinect

Sony talks a lot of smack.. If you ask me they are all trying to be like Nintendo.

"The site goes on to say that some people don't think gamers need buttons, taking an obvious jab at Microsoft. It then offers an example of gaming without buttons, indicating that sniping could be performed by turning your fingers into a makeshift gun. "Pew! Pew!" Butler teases." | more

Non-split Screen Multiplayer Using Stereoscopic Technology

In two patents filed on July 14, 2009 and published on July 15, 2010, Sony appears to be investigating using stereoscopic technology to display different game scenes to two different players simultaneously, calling it "Stereoscopic Screen Sharing" (via Eurogamer).

Sony announces next generation laser for disks

Japanese researchers from Sony Corporation and Tohoku University announced on July 20th the development of a next-generation “blue-violet ultrafast pulsed semiconductor laser,” aimed at practical technology like disk storage.

Practical blue-violet laser developed

In a press release, Tohoku University and Sony stated:

Sony hard at work on new PlayStation hardware platforms

"In an exclusive interview with Develop Magazine, one of the highest-ranking executives at Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed the company is “hard at work” on next-generation PlayStation hardware platforms. Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios told the magazine how the company wants to shift its platform design strategy to incorporate software developers into the central role of deciding hardware choices for its upcoming platforms.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Finally Rooted (with Easy Instructions)

any Android handsets are rooted even before their official release, but the Xperia X10, being Sony Ericsson’s entry into the Android world, apparently has some pretty tough security protection to prevent people from rooting and flashing custom ROMs onto it. Back in May, someone even claimed to have rooted the X10 using a special flashing system which needs dedicated hardware, so not many were able to try it and for those who did, it simply didn’t work as it was a fake.

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