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Facebook losing users

"Facebook has to deal with a mass exodus of users who are no longer interested in giving up all their personal data so that they can be inundated with pictures of cute cats, conspiracy theories and US gun lobby propaganda.

While the company is expected to report that its revenues are up, it might also have to tell shareholders that its expansion in the US, UK and other major European countries has peaked. In the last month, the world's largest social network has lost 6 million US visitors, a 4 per cent fall, according to analysis firm SocialBakers..."

Social media reviews are mostly made up

"Research outfit Gartner claims that up to 15 percent of all product reviews by 2014 will be made up. It is predicting that the media attention on fake social media ratings and reviews will result in at least two Fortune 500 brands facing litigation from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the next two years.

Pepsi Introduces "Social" Vending Machines

"Pepsi recently announced that it will release a new vending machine that utilizes technology such as a full touch screen for beverage selection, and will allow consumers to use cash or credit. But the more notable addition to this high-tech vending machine is its use of social networking among Pepsi drinkers

When social media gets deputized

"In a windowless second-floor office in the stucco building that houses the Boynton Beach Police Department about an hour north of Miami, there's a computer monitor on the back wall displaying a full-screen version of Twitter client TweetDeck.

"Lots of real estate listings," commented Stephanie Slater, the BBPD's public information officer and chief media spokesperson, sitting in front of the monitor. "A few people are just tweeting news headlines about what's going on in town.

Group wants social networks involved in fighting cyberbullies

Cyberbullying remains a problem for kids between 11 and 18, a UK-based anti-bullying group has found, and it wants social networks to step up and help with improved UIs and support services for kids in need. "I just want you to know what a fat, evil, sadistic cow you are. I want to see you suffer as slow and painful a death as possible." That's one of many messages sent to a teenager named Claire who had gotten into a disagreement over a basketball game. Another teen named Sam hanged himself after being "bombarded by cruel jibes" on Bebo over his taste in music and clothing.

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