Sandy Bridge

Dozens of Sandy Bridge B3-stepping boards listed

"Still a few weeks away More than 30 Sandy Bridge motherboards based on the new B-3 stepping are currently listed in Europe, but none of them are actually available. It will take a few weeks for vendors to ship them in any significant volumes and most people in the know expect them in early April. Vendors don’t appear to have gone to great lengths to yank bug ridden 6-series boards from retail and many of them, including major players like Asus, Gigabyte and MSI are still available. Some shops even carry Intel boards."

GeForce GPU Will be Inside 200 Sandy Bridge PCs

"One of the big things about Sandy Bridge is its integration of a GPU directly in the same die as the CPU. While the graphics prowess of is Intel’s best yet, it’s not enough to elbow out discrete graphics makers like Nvidia. In fact, Nvidia is boasting that it has scored 200 design wins that will pair its GeForce GPUs with next generation Core systems. Part of that is due to the integrated Intel graphics not being a DirectX 11 part.

New Intel logo For 2nd Generation

Intel has a new logo for the second generation of Core processors. I don't know about you guys but I'm curious to see what this Sandy Bridge can do. Maybe the logo should have been Green Fire! lol

Sandy Bridge to be 20 percent faster

Compared to Arrandale

Intel told its special few that upcoming Sandy Bridge, dual-core mobile CPU should be around 20 percent faster compared to Arrandale.

These are still projections despite the fact that Intel has had Sandy Bridge since last IDF that took place in late September 2009 and that prototypes of this new 32nm architecture are out.

The „around 20 percent“ projections are made when Intel compared the top range Sandy Bridge (SNB) and top of the bin dual core Arrandale. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean that Intel compared two processors at the same clock.

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