RPG Heroes Are Jerks

I have to give him credit for smashing the vases to get the medicine, and finding the legendary wedding dress among the rags. However, he forgot to kill the peasants for xp and you should always check the fireplace for any remaining food.

Risen Demo

PC sample of the latest RPG from the makers of Gothic Deep Silver has released a playable demo of Risen, allowing you to try out the PC version of the latest game developed by Piranha Bytes. The game's protagonist is shipwrecked after a storm and finds himself on a mysterious island. An active volcano dominates the scene. Ancient temple ruins have recently risen from the ground, and bizarre creatures infest the island. Risen is due to ship worldwide on October 2nd, for PC - Xbox 360 is planned for early next year. Risen Demo (1.08GB) http://www.gamershel...
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