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The New Rodney Reynolds Website

It’s Rodney Reynolds from Welcome to my new page. This will be a blog of personal stuff, also technology related gear and so on. With the WordPress mobile app, it should make it much much easier for me to do blogs and updates and that type of thing. So expect more updates on the site now due to that fact. Site is empty now, but believe me, that won’t be the case for long. I’m gonna drop personal, tech, funny stuff and more here. And maybe some babe stuff to keep the guys happy.



Next Live Show: Jan. 15 @ 9:30PM

The next live show is on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011 @ 9:30PM (UCT -05:00). The show will be 30 minutes long and about the video reviews of the week, poll videos, Q&A and other computer and gaming topics. Hope to see you there: and here's the direct Ustream link: http://www.ustream.t... as well as registration: http://www.ustream.t...



#5 - Live: Tech Talk and more

This show includes; Answering questions (two mice at the same time, computer waking up, Windows Experience Index, Why is more video memory useful when running rossfireX, Hard Disk Drive lifetime & Gaming Laptop vs. Desktop). Answering questions about the Thermaltake A60 Case & NVIDIA Surround Setup.

Need more Q&A videos?

While I produce many Q&A videos for my site, I do countless more for my site.

You can check out my YouTube channel and my site for more information. Here's the latest Q&A video:



3dGameMan Forum Is Temporarily Down

The 3dGameMan forum is temporarily down but we are working on getting it back online ASAP. The database is so large we need to tweak it so it works properly. This could take some time, but we hope it will be back online next week. Until then please use Rodney's forum: http://www.rodneyrey...

Pick Rodney's Brain!

Before asking me a question in this forum area, please remember to keep it short and search to see if I've already answered it. This

One Month Anniversary! (

Well, today, is officially one month old and already there are almost 400 forum members. While I expected this site would go over well, I had reservations about even starting it. One of the reasons was that it might pull away hits and/or members from (my Tech site) which doesn't seem to be the case thus far. Also, for the fact that this site requires extra work and time is something I don't have a lot of these days. My main reason for stating his site was to answering people questions, question that I normally receive in my inbox.

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