Research: Hand Soap Chemical "Triclosan" Negatively Affects Muscular Contractions

"Animal models were used to show reduced skeletal and cardiac muscle contractions after exposure to triclosan a chemical commonly found in hand soaps (among other household products) has been found to be harmful to both humans and the environment.

Worker Dies From N-hexane Poisoning

Wintek, who supplies touchscreen components to Apple for the iPhone and iPod touch, just got “exposed” for “hazardous work conditions”. One of the most severe? N-hexane poisoning, which the company illegally used instead of alcohol to clean screens.

In August of 2009, 49 people were treated for N-hexane poisoning, with one dead. The BoingBoing post says that the worker died this weekend, so it seems like Wintek continued to use the same N-hexane even after they were punished from last year.

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