Firefox Add-On Provides H.264 Support on Windows 7

"This new plug-in, known as the HTML5 Extension for Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in, is available for download here at no cost. It extends the functionality of the earlier plug-in for Firefox, and enables web pages that that offer video in the H.264 format using standard W3C HTML5 to work in Firefox on Windows.

Spread Firefox Co-Founder Slams Tech Giants for Stealth Plug-Ins

"Asa Dotzler, co-founder of the Spread Firefox project, is more than a little miffed at Apple, Google, Microsoft, and RockMelt for installing plug-ins into Firefox without first asking for permission from Web surfers. Dotzler made the stealth plug-in discovery when he installed software like Apple iTunes, Google Chrome, and Windows Live Photo Gallery." | more

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