PlayStation 4

Analyst: Blocking Used Games Will Mean Retailer Backlash

"GameStop could ban the PlayStation 4 if it blocks the use of pre-owned games.

We already know that publishers and developers despise the second-hand market. They claim they're losing money because these consumers aren't purchasing the pricy, mint copies. Only the retailers are generating revenue from these used games and thus are driving prices of the retail versions upwards.

But some of us on the consumer side say we flock to used versions because new copies are just too damn expensive. We bought the hardware, and we should have the right to play second-hand copies..."

AMD involved with PS4

"Forbes said that its Read’s job to make sure AMD doesn’t screw up its slate of new products-which includes a hush-hush effort to put its graphics chips in Sony’s still-unannounced new game console. This means that a Playstation 4 could be coming soon, and Sony has dropped NVIDIA’s chips from its console."

Work on PlayStation 4 underway, may include fewer custom parts

"The real news is that Sony may be focusing on using less-expensive components that can be ordered in larger quantities at a lower price. When you're trying to launch a system with as much new tech as the PlayStation 3, you're spending a lot of money on components, and you may be suffering from low yields as the high-end components are mass produced..."

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