Lindsay Lohan Leaked Playboy Photos Still Online: Pictures Causing Hef to Sue?

"Now, the question is turning away from where can you see them (here and links can be found here) to "is Hugh Hefner going to sue somebody over them?" Well, the latest info is that there's still "No word on whether Playboy will pursue legal remedies over the leak.

Playboy Bypasses Apple's App Store

"Playboy finally arrived—uncensored—on the iPad Thursday, but not through Apple's prudish App Store. It came as an iPad-optimized Web app, which means it doesn't have to abide by the App Store's rules or share subscription revenue with Apple. Sounds like a sweet deal. Is it a model that will be attractive to other magazines? Obviously, Playboy had little choice but to go the route of a Web app with its uncensored iPad offering. While Playboy does have an app in the App Store, that doesn't offer anything near the content of the magazine.

Playboy survey reveals Internet's impact on sex

"While the mechanics of sex are a constant, the ways that people can enjoy and enhance it have definitely changed with the times, thanks to technology and the Internet.

Playboy polled 2300 men and women (split almost evenly), the most extensive survey done by Hef's staff since 1983. Though the full survey won't be out until the June issue, love-and-sex advice blog YourTango shared some highlights:

More people are watching porn, perhaps because access it is now as easy as an Internet connection: 78 percent now, compared to 40 percent in 1983."

Playboy Going Uncensored on the iPad?

"Steve Jobs said before that those who want porn on the go should be picking up Android devices instead of the iOS-based ones from Apple.

That could be changing, however, as the Apple approval process for iOS apps as of late have been more lax than before. Could it be allowing adult content on the iPad? According to comments made by Hugh Hefner on Twitter (yes, this 84-year-old is tweeting),

Playboy will be coming to the iPad – uncensored." | more

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