Phenom II X6

Phenom II X6 1045T comes in Q3 2010

95W, 2.7GHz or 3.2GHz with Turbo
AMD is not over with the introduction of six core CPUs. Its top 3.2GHz Phenom II X6 1090T will remain the fastest, at least until end of Q1 2011, but there will be a few new cores to launch.

Duo to some optimisations Phenom II X6 1045T will be possible with 95W and this CPU naturally comes on top of Phenom II X6 1035T clocked at 2.6GHz.

E-tailer leaks Phenom II X6 prices

AMD's six-core Thuban processors will soon go head on against Intel's Core i7s, if prices leaked by Bahrain-based online retailer Advanti are accurate. The folks at AlienBabelTech have encountered a posting on the e-tailer's Facebook page, and the contents don't leave much to the imagination:

We just received the official prices from AMD:

Phenom II X6 Six Core

1090T Black Edition: 125(W), AM3 Socket, 9MB Cache, 3.2 GHz Freq @ 295 USD

1055T: 125(W), AM3 Socket, 9MB Cache, 2.8 GHz Freq @ 199 USD

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