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Modder fixes Dark Souls' PC resolution problem minutes after release

"That's where NeoGAF forum user Durante comes in. Mere minutes after the PC edition of the game was made available today, Durante had posted a downloadable DLL file that allows for higher internal resolutions by intercepting and altering the game's DirectX 9 API calls.

How to ruin your PC port in five easy steps

"PC gaming is alive and well, but it seems as if companies almost want their PC ports to fail on the most powerful gaming platform. We've compiled a list of a bunch of ways that companies can make sure their PC games annoy gamers, and if you bundle up all these "features" you may also see a loss of sales and increased piracy! So, how do you make sure your PC game pales next to its console sibling? Let's find out..."

Poor PC ports, not piracy, hurt business

It's simple to say that piracy is a problem in the game industry, and particularly so in PC gaming. No extra hardware (like a mod chip) is required to pirate a PC game—just a fast Internet connection or a burnt disc. What isn't simple is finding out how many real-world sales are lost due to piracy (a problem that has bedeviled the content industries for some time). The question: if a pirate couldn't get his or her game for free, would he or she pay for it?

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