Sleeping ghosts, exploding bombs: Ars reviews Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

"The Xbox Live Arcade Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is ridiculous. That may not mean a whole lot considering just how ridiculous the original Championship Edition was, but a handful of changes make the DX version even more insane. And that's a good thing. The setup is exactly the same. The game plays out like a remixed version of Pac-Man where the maze is constantly changing and the game tries to mesmerize you with psychedelic visuals.

Pac-Man eats Google-dots

Google is celebrating Pac-Man's 30th birthday by offering web surfers access to a free version of the classic title.

To play Pac-Man, go to during the next 48 hours and press the "Insert Coin" button or wait for a few seconds.

Pac-Man eats Google-dotsThe game - recreated by Google developers Marcin Wichary and Ryan Germick - includes Pac-Man's original game logic, graphics, sounds, personalities, bugs and even the graceful Ms. Pac-Man.

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