GameStop Pulls PC Deus Ex: Human Revolution From Shelves Following OnLive Debacle

"After getting into hot water earlier today for opening new PC copies of Square Enix's Deus Ex: Human Revolution and removing codes for a free OnLive version of the game prior to sale, video game retailer GameStop has pulled the games from its shelves pending recall. According to an email forwarded to Kotaku from an anonymous source and confirmed via GameStop retail employees, the company instructs employees to remove any retail copies of the PC version of the game to the back room of the store pending recall at a later date.

Ars reviews the OnLive microconsole, service

"The OnLive service works much better than we expected, and the things you can do with a $100 microconsole or netbook are impressive... but the small game selection and inability to "own" of the games you buy are major downers." | more

OnLive Launches Cloud Video Game Console

"On-demand video game company OnLive announced Thursday that its cloud-based instant-play game system is available for pre-order with delivery beginning on Dec. 2. Users can play on-demand video games on their TVs with the OnLive Game System without having to use discs or do downloads or updates. The $99 OnLive Game System comes with the MicroConsole TV adapter and OnLive Wireless Controller.

OnLive offers 1 free year of gaming for pre-registrants

Cloud-based gaming service to go public at E3 2010

OnLive, the cloud-based gaming service set to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry, announced today that it is offering to waive the $14.95 monthly access fee for a full year to anyone who enthusiastically pre-registered for the service early.

OnLive Streaming Game Service June 17

Just when you were beginning to think "vaporware," OnLive has delivered in the clutch. Nearly a year after being introduced to the world as the future of remote gaming, this service has finally left the "informational" stage at the GDC Expo in California. For those who missed out on last year's news, OnLive is basically an online streaming service that enables users to play games regardless of their location, so long as their home Internet connection has enough upload speed to push content to your current location.

OnLive Running Smoothly in Demo at DICE

OnLive, the upcoming cloud-based games-on-demand service that will supposedly allow subscribers to stream and play high-end games on modest PC configurations, was demonstrated at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas today.

According to a report by Dean Takahashi on GamesBeat, OnLive founder Steve Perlman demonstrated the service at DICE with COO Mike McGarvey using a cable modem connection to show how the service handled some unnamed "high-speed shooting games," as well as Unreal Tournament and B

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