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Google Is Grooming Chrome As a Game Platform

"On Friday I noticed that Google is heavily pushing New Game, a game developer conference that is focused on HTML5-based gaming content — and, of course, content that runs in web browsers.

Electronic Arts: Videogame Stores aren't Long for this World

"Just like video was supposed to have killed the radio star, EA Sports vice president Andrew Wilson is predicting the end of an era in how gamers shop for videogames. The future, he says, is in digital downloads, leaving brick-and-mortar storefronts like GameStop to either adapt and exist solely on the Web, or whither away and die."

Ars reviews the OnLive microconsole, service

"The OnLive service works much better than we expected, and the things you can do with a $100 microconsole or netbook are impressive... but the small game selection and inability to "own" of the games you buy are major downers." | more

Online subscriptions are the likely future

Charging for online play is coming soon
Apparently, no one was paying much attention when Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, said that he would like to create a subscription model for Call of Duty. He isn’t the only one that is talking about the fact that they would like to see the console online play model make a radical shift -- from free to pay to play.

OnLive offers 1 free year of gaming for pre-registrants

Cloud-based gaming service to go public at E3 2010

OnLive, the cloud-based gaming service set to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry, announced today that it is offering to waive the $14.95 monthly access fee for a full year to anyone who enthusiastically pre-registered for the service early.

Bloke wins a million for playing online baseball

A little faster than Take-Two would have liked

Wade McGilberry just won a million dollars playing a video game in a Take-Two promotion. The 23-year-old from Mobile, Alabama, accomplished the feat in just an hour and a half, becoming the first to pitch a perfect game in Take-Two's "Major League Baseball 2K10." He and his wife, Katy, plan to pay off their mortgage and start a family with the winnings.

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