Old Games

The Great Operating System Games

"They may not be the fanciest computer games of all time, but untold billions of hours of productivity have been lost to them over the past four decades. Since the dawn of computers, games have been an entertaining way to demonstrate a system’s capabilities. Manufacturers like DEC distributed them as early as the 1960s: They were as powerful sales tools with universal appeal. The tradition continued with some of the earliest PCs. Simple (but often addictive) games are bundled with operating systems to this day.

Our Rotting Video-Game Heritage

Diverse technologies, missing or secret documentation, and hostile copyright laws threaten video-game preservation.

Not long ago a film buff turned up a 90 year old film of Charlie Chaplin. It had not shown since 1914, and was utterly forgotten by film historians -- yet because analog film technology has remained fundamentally unchanged since its invention, preservationists were able to re-debut the movie at a film festival in Virginia.

Blood Splashes Onto GOG

Monolith's ultra-gory Build Engine shooter Blood has been digitally re-released on PC by virtual vendor Good Old Games, continuing its run of Atari additions as promised.

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