Nvidia Graphics Card Pushes the Edge

Nvidia on Friday introduced its fastest graphics cards to date, which will be able to play back 3D movies on PCs and bring more realistic images to games.

The new graphics cards, the GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470, are based on Nvidia's new graphics-processing-unit architecture called Fermi, which was announced in September. The GTX 480 has 480 processing cores on one GPU, while the GTX 470 has 448 cores.

NVIDIA Drops Their Open-Source Driver

NVIDIA's open-source Linux efforts as it concerns their GPU support have historically been minimal. The xf86-video-nv driver has been around that provides very basic 2D acceleration and a crippled set of features besides that (no proper RandR 1.2/1.3, KMS, power management, etc) while the code has also been obfuscated to try to protect their intellectual property. However, NVIDIA has decided to deprecate this open-source driver of theirs. No, NVIDIA is not working on a new driver. No, NVIDIA is not going to support the Nouveau project.

Nvidia WHQL's Geforce 197.13 drivers

Nvidia has issued a final WHQL release of its Geforce 197.13 drivers. The new driver features PhysX 9.10.0129 software version and supports all the cards ranging from Geforce 6 series to its latest 300 rebrands as well as the ION GPUs.

NVIDIA 196.75 Driver Alert!

NVIDIA is aware that some customers have reported fan speed issues after installing 196.75 drivers from NVIDIA's website. These drivers have been removed from NVIDIA's website due to these customer reports. We have also asked all partners to remove this driver. We recommend that all customers immediately discontinue the use of 196.75 drivers and roll back to their previous driver.



Nvidia GF100 Die shots

A forum member, emotion, at Chinese hardware website Ngacn.cc has leaked pictures of the much guarded GF100 die. They have also managed to flip open the heatspreader and clicked pictures of the die inside. Not only that, they even managed to measure the die size, which is now reportedly approximately 530 mm2.

That die size is remarkably consistent with the rumours that have originated from last year, especially Charlie's articles over at SemiAccurate. It is easy to see why Nvidia have been struggling. 530 mm2 is simply too gargantuan for a trouble process, let alone one Nvidia have little previous experience with. On the bright side, this also puts to rest recent doom and gloom rumours of 600+ mm2.

Nvidia launches Intel "eye-opener" site

See Chipzilla for what it really is

Fighting Chipzilla is no easy task, and even if the green team didn’t know all the historical consequences of surviving Intel, they surely felt it by now.

Nvidia has now gone into the “fight” more proactively and has made a site that can only be described as anti-Intel. The categories, as you’ll see for yourself, go from pretty technology-oriented “GPU vs. CPU” to more bash-Intel oriented as “Stack of Evidence”.

NVIDIA 3DTV Play Announced

 NVIDIA® 3DTV Play software lets you connect your NVIDIA GeForce® GPU-powered PC or notebook to 3DTVs using HDMI 1.4 for the ultimate, high-definition, big-screen, 3D entertainment experience. By leveraging the processing power of your NVIDIA GeForce GPU, 3DTV Play Software delivers the best your PC has to offer:

    * > Supports all HDMI 1.4 3D TVs any and any compatible 3D glasses system, including Panasonic® VIERA® Plasma HDTVs

Jensen wants chipset licence back from Intel

We will fight it to the last breath

The fearsome leader and Nvidia’s CEO Jen Hsung Huang has a lot on his mind lately. This chap is not that happy with 6+ month delay of Fermi and he is especially not happy because Intel disputes Nvidia for its buss license for Intel CPUs.

Nvidia’s next generation ION is a simple proof of that as Nvidia didn’t come out with a chipset, but rather released a discrete GPU that will fit in Netbook Pine-trail 2010 platform designs.

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