Nvidia prepares dual chip card

Based on new GF104

Our Far East sources are telling us that a dual-chip card from Nvidia is coming. It is based on GF104, Nvidia’s new chip. This is a successor of Fermi that should get lower TDPs and better performance per watt.

The dual-chip card is supposed to finally take over the performance crown from ATI, and this is something that Nvidia desperately wants and needs. It’s always good to win and have the fastest card on the market.

Nvidia CEO: Hardware Makers Uniting Behind Android

Hardware makers will unite behind Google's Android as the primary operating system for tablet computers, according to Nvidia's CEO.

Tablets are shaping up to be one of the highlights of the annual Computex show in Taipei, where hardware makers are showing off their latest products and prototypes. Most manufacturers are expected to show off tablets, with some designed to run Android and others Windows. But Windows isn't the best choice for a tablet, said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO at Nvidia.

Nvidia Dreams of a Three-Dimensional Future for PCs

Speaking of revolution in Taiwan is always risky, but Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang didn't mince words: "This is the beginning of the 3D revolution."

Nvidia removes ATI Driver PhysX restriction?

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  • Nvidia: Moore’s law will die without GPUs

    Nvidia’s chief scientist, Bill Dally, has warned that the long-established Moore’s Law is in danger of joining phlogiston theory on the list of superseded laws, unless the CPU business embraces parallel processing on a much broader scale.

    nVIDIA releases OpenGL4.0 drivers

    ForceWare 197.44 on Windows, and version on Linux platforms. Interestingly only Fermi based products get OpenGL 4.0 & GLSL4.0 support as for now. :sarcastic


    Originally Posted by nVIDIA
    You will need one of the following graphics cards to get access to the OpenGL 4.0 and GLSL 4.00 functionality:

    * Any Fermi based GPU

    You will need one of the following graphics cards to get access to the OpenGL 3.3 and GLSL 3.30 functionality:


    GF104 Nvidia mainstream card real

    Summer launch, taped out

    We learned some basics about Nvidia's first new card to launch after Geforce GTX 480 and GTX 470 cards. The new card is codenamed GF104 and it is currently taped out, works and performance looks good.

    The chip is much smaller than recently launched Fermi-based Geforce GTX 480 and 470 and our sources expect that this product might be the next “8800 GT”.

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    CoolIT VGA Cooler for GTX 470/480

    Calgary, AB – March 26, 2010 – CoolIT Systems, leaders in advanced liquid cooling technology, announced today that upon its retail availability this summer, the Omni ALC universal graphics card liquid cooling solution will offer full support of NVIDIA’s latest graphics cards, the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480 and GTX 470.

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