Nvidia PhysX

Nvidia purposefully hobbles PhysX on the CPU

NVIDIA JUST HAD one of their most sleazy marketing tactics exposed, that PhysX is faster on a GPU than a CPU. As David Kanter at Real World Tech proves, the only reason that PhysX is faster on a GPU is because Nvidia purposely hobbles it on the CPU. If they didn't, PhysX would run faster on a modern CPU.

ATI Radeon HD 5870 & 5970 with NVIDIA PhysX

"I look at the GTX 465 and see a real opportunity for NVIDIA to do something big; giving people the chance to use this card as a PhsyX card in ATI based systems would be a simply fantastic idea.

If you haven't heard already, the 257.15 Beta ForceWare driver set from NVIDIA accidently had the ability for ATI users to again use an NVIDIA card as a second to do PhysX. The whole ordeal created a bit of drama around the web; as soon as it was discovered by NVIDIA they yanked the driver and put another one up that disabled the ability.

NVIDIA CUDA & PhysX VP jumps ship for AMD

It’s not uncommon at all in the technology industry for workers and executives to move from one firm within the industry to another that is a direct competitor. Typically we see this when companies start looking for engineers and other folks to help it better compete in the market. On occasion, we see executives leave and head to a competitor of their former employer.

Nvidia: Hybrid PhysX Is Technically Impossible

Nvidia Corporation has published the following on its PhysX FAQ: "Can I use an NVIDIA GPU as a PhysX processor and a non-NVIDIA GPU for regular display graphics? No. There are multiple technical connections between PhysX processing and graphics that require tight collaboration between the two technologies. To deliver a good experience for users, NVIDIA PhysX technology has been fully verified and enabled using only NVIDIA GPUs for graphics."

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