Nvidia GF100

PC Perspective - NVIDIA GF100 - Far Cry 2 Performance

Looking for some quick performance previews of the GF100 architecture compared to GT200? Check out these two videos I recorded at the NVIDIA editor's day earlier in the month. One looks at Far Cry 2 and the other at NVIDIA's ray tracing engine.

Fermi GF100 to launch by early December

Fermi, Nvidia's GF100 40nm DirectX 11 chip is selling great even though Nvidia still has to officially launch it. Sources confirmed that Nvidia is taking pre-orders like there is no tomorrow, but at this time Nvidia offers no guarantees when the chip will hit the market. Everyone expects shortages due to heavy demand from day one.

The original schedule of late November might skip in the first week(s) of December, but from what we learned over the last few days, it was always late November to first days of December.

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