Nvidia Geforce GTX 480

Rumour: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 to be 20% faster than GTX 480

"According to Digitimes' sources, Nvidia's early 2011 refresh GF110 is expected to outperform the current flagship GeForce GTX 480 by about 20%. Rumoured to be branded the GeForce GTX 580, GF110 is not a next-gen product, but rather a tweak of the current GF100 chip. It is rumoured to be announced / previewed / paper-launched in November 2010 and released in Jan/Feb 2011." | more

System Worthy of a King

"System Worthy of a King: Four Radeon HD 5870, Three GeForce GTX 480 and Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9 Super-Mainboard.

We are going to test four Radeon HD 5870 graphics cards in CrossFireX configuration and compare them to a 3-way SLI configuration of three GeForce GTX 480 cards using the newest super-expensive mainboard with seven PCI Express slots onboard, four of which work in 16x mode.

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