Nvidia Geforce GTX 460

Nvidia cuts GTX 460 pricing

"Several reports claimed that Nvidia was planning to cut GTX 460 and 470 pricing to counter AMD's 6800 series launch. As we've said earlier the GTX 470 has already slipped below the €200 mark and we're already starting to see some cuts in GTX 460 prices, so it turns out the rumour mill was right." | more

Nvidia Price Wars!

Let me get this right... First it was a 20$ drop and then another 10$ drop, but overall the word is out that they might do 50%?!! I just might be getting some Nvidia card for Christmas. Let the Price Wars Begin!

Who is the Deadliest GTX 460?

No doubt Nvidia's answer to the AMD/ATI DX11 budget cards this year is the GTX 460 1GB. The 460 sports revolutionary levels of DirectX 11 tessellation performance, 256-bit memory, 3D Vision, PhysX, and CUDA technologies. The 460 surely packs one heck of a punch for the 200$ gamers card market. However the question must be asked, who really sells the fastest GTX 460?

EVGA releases Free Performance Boost for Geforce GTX 460

New BIOS unlocks fan speeds, boosts performance by 7%

Two days ago, EVGA Product Manager Jacob Freeman posted a preview thread on the EVGA Forums about an upcoming performance patch that would noticeably boost performance for the company's standard Geforce GTX 460 768-P3-1360 and 01G-P3-1371 models.

2GB GTX 460 possible and coming

Sparkle leads the way

The GTX 460 is a somewhat strage beast, as it is available with 192-bit and 256-bit memory interfaces and, as a result of this, with 768MB and 1048MB of memory.

EVGA GTX 460 SLI vs GTX 480

"The GTX 460 has gotten great reviews since it has been released a couple of days ago, as the card perfoms great, runs quiet and packs impressive overclocking potential. Nvidia aimed the GTX 460, or rather two different GTX 460 cards (768MB and 1024MB GDDR5 versions) at mid-range, sub-€200 gaming market. For high end enthusiasts, Nvidia has the GTX 480, but two GTX 460 768MB cards in SLI mode can be even better – all this for a price of a single GTX 480.

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 460: The $200 King

"Nvidia has finally made its Geforce GTX 460 cards official. Based the same GF104 chip that we wrote about for quite some time, this 40nm card features support for DirectX 11, and will be available as a 256-bit 1GB version and 192-bit 768MB version.

The reference GTX 460 cards have 336 CUDA cores and work at 675MHz for the GPU, 1350MHz for shaders and 3600MHz for GDDR5 memory. It has dual-DVI and mini HDMI outputs and a TDP of up to 160W. The new cards are priced at US $199 for the 768MB/192-bit version and around US $229 to US $249 for the 1GB/256-bit version.

Nvidia Aims GeForce GTX 460 at Budget Gamers

On Monday, Nvidia released the Nvidia GeForce GTX 460, a graphics chip that encapsulates most of the power of the high-end Nvidia GTX 480 at a fraction of the price.

Nvidia has aimed the card squarely at the ATI Radeon HD 5830 which was released earlier this year, and also currently lists for about $199. Nvidia released its GTX 460 in two configurations: a 768-Mbyte version for $199, and a 1-Gbyte version for $229.

Nvidia's Geforce GTX 460 gets listed

Priced at around €300

Some of European e-tailers/retailers have jumped the gun and have listed Nvidia's upcoming Geforce GTX 460 card. Unfortunately, the specifications are scarce at the moment and neither one of those shops have the precise clocks, or any other information for that matter.

Geforce GTX 460 targets $279 to $299 price

Developed from Fermi

Nvidia is definitely planning a new performance card dubbed Geforce GTX 460 and we managed to find out that this card should land in the $279 to $299 price range.

The expected launch date is June this year, or the first day of Computex, and the card should be able to defeat ATI’s mainstream / performance offer.

It is based on Fermi GF100 architecture and not on the upcoming GF104 or GF108 core. With the introduction of this card, Nvidia’s DirectX 11 might finally get closer to a much broader public.

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