Nvidia Fermi

New Fermi with 512 shaders possible

Could be a new chip

Nvidia is far from over announcing new Fermi based products, as well as Fermi successor chips. There are many projects in the pipe and among them is a 512 shader Fermi based card.

The 512-shader card is possible and it should launch after the summer, of course if all goes well. The twist is that there is a big possibility that this card won’t be based on the GF100, Nvidia's original Fermi chip.

NVIDIA Brings Out the Big Guns a Dual Fermi Beast

Fermi was long delayed, but it is finally hitting the market and reminding ATI that it hasn't totally won the graphics war, even if it did get quite the head start on DirectX 11. At Computex in Taiwan NVIDIA unveiled an impressive portfolio of upcoming products that looks to jump start the struggling GPU maker. Highlights included upcoming Fermi mobile GPUs and a mid-range GPU, the GeForce GTX 465, which is based on GF100 chips binned aside for minor defects.

Nvidia’s partners on their knees

All eyes on Fermi

Talking to Nvidia's partners in the last few months was not quite a chance to hear plenty of happy stories. Every single company that made a bulk of its money selling Nvidia’s GPUs is literaly on its knees.

Fermi delay created a huge income loss for these companies, especially for partners exclusive to Nvidia and the lack of GTX 285, 260 and 295 cards in Q4 2009 and Q1 2010 were the last stabs to their already wounded business.

No live stream for Fermi launch

It isn't that important?

The Fermi launch event, or to be precise, where Nvidia is to launch its GTX 480 and GTX 470 graphics cards, apparently isn't that important to have live stream coverage. Nvidia was apparently sure that "live blogging" by Ashely McBroom was enough.

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