Nintendo 3DS

Kid gets 3DS porn for Christmas

"A five year old kid was delivered some hardcore porn this Christmas and apparently his parents have written a stiff letter to Santa. While it does not surprise us that a geriatric bloke with a beard who likes small children sitting on his knee might try and groom a five year old, according to 9News the kids parents were not impressed. The kid found photos of porn on his 3DS console he received for his Christmas present this year. Without killing the illusion that Santa delivered the toy to the kid, it appears that the console was purchased from Gamestop and was pre-owned..."

3DS launches in Japan: handheld sells out, already hacked

"Dedicated portable gaming devices may have some stiff competition these days, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from launching the 3DS in Japan. With less than half a million units for sale and a somewhat paltry launch line-up, how did the handheld fare? Quite well, actually.

Nintendo 3DS Launching with 18 Games

"Nintendo on Tuesday revealed that its Nintendo 3DS gaming system will support 18 games when it launches March 27.Gamers who pick up a 3DS next month for $250 will have the option of purchasing three Nintendo-published games for $39.99 each, including "Pilotwings Resort," "Steel Diver," and "nintendogs + cats."

Sony calls Nintendo 3DS 'a stretch'

Sony reportedly believes that Nintendo's foray into the 3D space with its 3DS isn't a very good idea.

Speaking to IGN in an interview, Sony director of hardware marketing John Koller said that he's not quite sold on the 3DS and wonders if it will enjoy the kind of broad market appeal some of Nintendo's previous portables have, due to Nintendo's perceived young audience.

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