WD sneaks into networking market

"Western Digital has sneaked its way into wireless home networking market and announced a couple of routers that will be a part of its newest My Net family lineup. The lineup includes a total of four different products and kicks off with My Net Switch, an 8-port Gigabit Switch that has Gigabit Ethernet support. Next in line is the My Net N600 HD dual-band router with combined data rate of up to 600Mbps (300Mbps per band), which also packs five ethernet ports and one USB port.

Are Men Better Than Women at Online Networking?

"Interestingly, when broken down by industry, more male LinkedIn network in traditionally female fields, such as the cosmetics industry. But in tobacco and ranching industries, which are normally considered male-dominated, women are the predominant networkers. Why? LinkedIn suggested the "minority sex has to network harder than the dominant sex to break into those industries."

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The TRENDnet TPL-402E2K 500Mbps Powerline Kit offers a cost effective, simple solution to a RJ-45 wired network. Fact is, a wired network is still a lot faster then wireless. If you're looking into an easy to install wired network, this is it. It's a simple as plugging the adapter into the outlet and connecting the network cable to the computer.



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