Synology Disk Station DS410j NAS

There are a number of legitimate reasons why NAS devices are becoming so popular in work environments, but because of the costly setup investment, they have remained more of a luxury than a necessity for home users.

More affordable products are finding their way to the market all the time, however you should be wary with some of them. For example, one of the cheapest 4-bay NAS devices available right now is the Promise NS4300N SmartStor at just $290. I made the terrible mistake of purchasing this product because of the attractive price point alone.

Synology DS-210J Two-Bay NAS

"Synology's DS210j is a great example of a low cost and easy to set up NAS unit geared towards home users and their demands. Storing and sharing multimedia files is a top priority in the home market, and the DS210j has those needs covered by providing a DLNA media server, iTunes server, audio station, download station, and various other features."

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These Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are becoming more and more popular because it's an inexpensive way for everyone in the network to access data 24/7. There's really no need for an expensive file server with a product like this. This unit can also be connected to the computer system via a USB2 cable for fast data transfer. This product is available in black and white and has a very stylish MAC-like look. Watch the Video to find out more...



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