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Firefox faces uncertain future as Google deal apparently ends

"It hasn’t been a good year for Firefox. Mozilla has lost share to Google, it’s lost the loyalty of enterprise customers, and it’s lost key talent. And a deal with Google that supplied 84% of its revenue last year was scheduled to end in November. Can Firefox avoid a slide into irrelevance?"

Mozilla Agrees, Update Your Graphics Drivers

"Mozilla now also says that graphics driver updates are important to avoid browser crashes. "Firefox 4 brings many new features in the Graphics department, notably hardware acceleration and WebGL," Mozilla's Benoit Jacob wrote in a blog post.

JaegerMonkey will make it into Firefox 4.0 Sep 1st

Mozilla has reached an important Milestone as its new JavaScript engine “JaegerMonkey” is now faster than the current “TraceMonkey” in a key benchmark. Mozilla wants JaegerMonkey to be faster than the competition and launch on September 1, which means that JaegerMonkey will make it into Firefox 4.0.

Is Firefox Headed Towards A Massive Decline?

Quora is a great place to find answers about products from prominent people involved with them. It’s also a great place for those prominent people to disagree, publicly. That’s what’s happening right now in a thread about the future of Firefox.

Someone posted the following question to Quora recently: Will Firefox have double-digit market share in 3 to 5 years? Straightforward enough. Yes, says (outgoing) Mozilla CEO John Lilly. No, says Firefox co-founder Blake Ross. So far, Ross is winning the argument, according to the votes from Quora users.

Mozilla works on Direct2D for Firefox

Interacting with graphics cards

Mozilla Foundation is working on Direct2D accelleration which will mean that it s Firefox browser will be able to call upon the power of the GPU to speed itself up. While it certainly won’t turn a sluggish Internet connection into a speedy one it will help number crunch all those browser scripts a lot quicker.

Why Firefox's future lies in Google's hands

Firefox has just turned five, and it’s doubtful anybody outside of Redmond begrudges Mozilla’s celebrations. The open-source browser now accounts for 25% of the global market, according to figures from Net Applications, and has brought a radical rethink in what we expect from a browser.

However, as Mozilla blows out the birthday cake candles, it might also be reflecting on the curse of getting what you wish for.

Mozilla releases Firefox 3.5.7 update

Recently, the incredibly hard-working engineers over at Mozilla Corp unleashed a new update for the Firefox 3.5.x series. We have seen Firefox 3.5.4, 3.5.5 and 3.5.6 come and go in less than just two and a half months. As the world awaits patiently for the big Firefox 3.7 release, the company thought it best to address some more stability issues in preparation for a successful major release.

Firefox Tips: Fix Print Size, Add Personality, Refresh Tabs

It's been far too long since I've put together browsing tips, and the last collection I did focused on Microsoft Internet Explorer. So today I thought I'd serve up some tips for Mozilla Firefox and also share something I learned about Google's newsreader.
Make Web Pages Print Properly

A few days ago, the missus shoved some sheets of paper in my face and demanded, "Why are Web pages printing big all of a sudden?"

Mozilla pushes back Firefox 3.6, 4.0 deadlines

Mozilla won't make a 2009 deadline for releasing Firefox 3.6 and is giving itself more time to complete a major update, version 4.0.

The organization behind the open-source Web browser had predicted a final release of Firefox 3.6 in December 2009, but the Mozilla Web site now includes "ship Firefox 3.6" as a goal for the first quarter of 2010.

In addition, Firefox 4.0, which had been due in 2010, now is "aimed at late 2010 or early 2011," with a beta due in the summer of 2010, according to Mozilla.

Mozilla releases Firefox 3.5.6 update


It has been just over a month since the Mozilla development team released Firefox 3.5.5, and now the time has come again to implement additional security issues and stability enhancements.

As we patiently wait in anticipation for the big Firefox 3.60 build to arrive in Spring 2010, it is important that we show our respect and encouragement to the individuals within the Mozilla development team who have provided us with open source browsing for over five years in a row.

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