Microsoft Patents GPU-Accelerated Video Encoding

"Microsoft applied for the patent titled “Accelerated video encoding using a graphics processing unit” in October 2004 and was granted a patent to its invention today. It outlines a concept where the GPU is used, among others, to perform motion estimation in videos, the use of the depth buffer of the GPU, to determine comprising, collocating video frames, mapping pixels to texels, frame processing using the GPU and output of data to the CPU.

Microsoft Pitches PC Isolation Ward To Defeat Botnets

"Microsoft's security chief Wednesday pitched a plan that would block some botnet-infected computers from connecting to the Internet. A noted botnet researcher said the proposal didn't attack the problem at its root, and like many technical solutions, was unlikely to do much good.

Microsoft: Blu-ray Will Be Passed By As a Format

Blu-ray will probably be around a bit longer than Microsoft would like, but with external HD's and Internet, who needs an optical disk anyways?

BAD IDEA: Microsoft Might Buy Symantec

Quickly! Someone call Gates and tell him to come back before they ruin Windows! In my last news about "Intel Attempts To Justify Ugly Marriage" they bought McAfee. Now it seems that Microsoft feels the need to waste good money. If there is any truth to this story lets hope it was a misunderstanding because I would never buy Windows that comes with Symantec.

Microsoft Patents OS Shutdown

I just want to know what could have happened if someone else was given the copyrights for Windows Shutdown? Would we be forced to hit the switch or go into standby mode? lol

Bikini Girls at Conference: Sorry, It Was My Idea

I guess times are changing with females in the workplace, but you can't blame guys when they setup the shows for entertainment. lol

"While apologizing to attendees and indeed its own staff, Microsoft initially tried to pass off the blunder as ignorance, claiming they didn't know what the girls would be wearing until the day. However, chief meter maid, Roberta Aitchison said this was not the case. In fact, she says Microsoft spent as much as three weeks choosing what outfits they wanted the girls to wear." | more

Microsoft Assumes Female Gamers Contact Them on Behalf of Their “Sons”

"While gamers of the female gender may be considered a rarer sight than their Y-chromosome-bearing counterparts, it would seem that there are enough of them around that making blind assumptions about a gamer’s identity would be viewed as a bad idea. But apparently, Microsoft disagrees.

Microsoft Calling. Anyone There?

Microsoft’s engineers and executives spent two years creating a new line of smartphones with playful names that sounded like creatures straight out of “The Cat in the Hat” — Kin One and Kin Two. Stylish designs, an emphasis on flashy social-networking features and an all-out marketing blitz were meant to prove that Microsoft could build the right product at the right time for the finickiest customers — gossiping youngsters with gadget skills. But last week, less than two months after the Kins arrived in stores, Microsoft said it would kill the products.

Microsoft wants it to be easier to report online theft

Software giant Microsoft has announced that it has a team of its finest minds working on a new project that will allow internet users to report stolen data, including credit card numbers and other private information.

Dan Clements, former president of CardCops, told The Age that the new system will allow researchers handle data they find online and deliver it back to companies and individuals. He said that the information about any fraud will get sent to everybody immediately and enable a superfast reaction to a discovery of online fraud.

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