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Microsoft Weaves Windows 7 Into 'Family Guy'

With the Windows 7 launch looming, Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) is sponsoring Fox's upcoming "Family Guy" comedy special in an apparent bid to market Windows 7 to viewers in a way that's unconventional and creative.

The astonishingly irreverent Family Guy show often pokes fun at Microsoft, and Bill Gates and the Zune have been targets in the past. But while Family Guy's raucous content might seem a bit outside of Microsoft's typical marketing purview, Microsoft seems to think that the right kind of edgily-crafted Windows 7-related marketing content will resonate with the show's audience.

MAINGEAR Offers Immediate Availability of Windows 7

Union, New Jersey – October 13, 2009 – MAINGEAR Computers, award-winning builders of high performance custom computers is excited to offer its customers full access to Windows 7. Every system purchased from will now ship with Microsoft’s highly anticipated Windows 7 operating system. “Microsoft Windows 7 is quite simply the finest consumer operating system on the market today.” said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR. “We are extremely pleased to be able to offer Windows 7 to our customers on our award-winning custom computers.”

Study: Vista Startup Time is Faster Than Win 7

Even if Windows 7 isn't proven by benchmarks to be the fastest, bestest version of Microsoft's operating system yet, it certainly feels a lot better. We'd use it over Windows Vista any day of the week, but new findings show that it's not the performance king – at least not yet.

Sure, there have been many tweaks under the hood to make it better than Windows Vista, but it seems that boot time is actually longer in Windows 7 – at least according to a certain standard.

Microsoft mulling 128-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 9

Believe it or not, Windows 7's successor(s) have been in the planning and early development stages for a while now. We haven't posted anything about any of them yet, but we've been watching closely to see if anything really interesting turned up. Exactly two weeks ago, it did. A LinkedIn profile, which has already been taken down, for a Robert Morgan, Senior Research & Development at Microsoft, has shone a sliver of light on the possibility of 128-bit support coming to Windows 8.

Windows 7 Performance Tests

Windows Vista never was particularly speedy in most people's eyes. Whether it deserved the reputation or not, the word on the street was that Vista was both slow and bloated.

Given that, it's no wonder that improving performance was one of Microsoft's design goals with Windows 7. Many reviewers have said that the new operating system feels faster than Vista. In our extensive PC World Test Center evaluations comparing the two, we found an increase in speed, though the overall improvement wasn't dramatic.

With Exploits on the Way, It's Critical Win 7 Testers Run Tool to Safeguard Their PCs

In software your security track record is ideally judged by the products you release, not the products you are developing. Nonetheless, Microsoft is drawing flack over an unpatched vulnerability in the beta and Release Candidate versions of Windows 7; Windows Vista; and Windows Server 2008. With attacks incoming, Microsoft and security experts are urging testers to run a workaround to disable to exploitable component in the meantime. The entire mess, though, goes to demonstrate both the dangers and benefits of thorough software testing.

Microsoft: Windows 7 upgrade can take nearly a day (Updated x2)

A Microsoft Software Engineer has posted the results of tests the company performed to the upgrade time of Windows 7. Worst case scenario is that it will take a bit over 20 hours. But a clean 32-bit install on what Microsoft calls "high-end hardware" should take only 30 minutes.

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