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Windows vs Ubuntu: in a nutshell

You may recall how Dell dug itself into an almighty hole last month, after proclaiming that Ubuntu was safer than Windows, before swiftly changing its mind and declaring itself more neutral than Switzerland.

Well, now the PC maker’s had time to think the matter through, another page has appeared on the Dell website, condensing the whole Windows vs Ubuntu debate into about 100 words.

From Dell’s perspective the choice is clear. You should choose Windows if (and I swear I’m not paraphrasing here):



Win 7's built-in speech recognition

"Microsoft has pumped out voice recognition software for years, but the company has a curious aversion to publicizing the fact. With Windows 7, Microsoft's speech recognition has become a decent productivity tool and one that the company should be proud to proclaim as an OS feature. For the casual speech recognition user, nothing beats free—especially when one considers the $100+ price points for third-party software.

Windows 7 passes ten per cent usage

A year faster than Vista

Windows 7 reached the 10 per cent usage milestone, according to beancounters at Web analytics company Net Applications, as the OS has crossed the 10 per cent figure more than a year earlier than Vista.

However the gleam of Window's 7 appears to be the only brightness for Microsoft in the Net Applications figures. Redmond's overall share of the operating system market, which returned to its usual downward trend last month after a one-month advance.

Windows 7 or Ubuntu? Why not use both!

"The ability to dual boot systems is nothing new but very rarely done anymore. You more than likely will never find a good enough reason or use for an average PC user to run two Operating Systems (OS). So then you might ask yourself, “Why am I showing you how to?” The answer is easy, to quote Sir Francis Bacon’s much used aphorism “knowledge is power “. I personally wasn’t very familiar with Ubuntu as an OS so I wanted to learn more. The cost of a second PC wasn’t justifiable, just to put a second OS on so that I could learn it for my own gain.

Windows 7 "memory hog" story

"A few days ago I wrote about the claims that Windows 7 was a memory hog, and that Windows 7 systems tended to be short on memory. The claims were made by "Craig Barth," CTO of Devil Mountain Software, a Florida-based company that has a small utility that collects Windows performance data and sends it to DMS's servers, where it is then collated and interpreted.

For its part, DMS was unimpressed with our coverage. "Company representatives" made a blog post "rebutting" my original coverage.

Windows 7 RC Expiring

"It’s time to upgrade from the Windows 7 Release Candidate

While most people who tested Windows 7 have now moved to the final version, some are still running the Release Candidate. If you haven’t moved yet, it’s time to replace the RC.

Starting on March 1, 2010 your PC will begin shutting down every two hours. Your work will not be saved during the shutdown.

The Windows 7 RC will fully expire on June 1, 2010. Your PC running the Windows 7 RC will continue shutting down every two hours and your files won’t be saved during shutdown.

Microsoft to Snuff Out Win 7 Pirates

Although Microsoft has gone to further lengths than ever to ensure that as many Windows 7 users as possible are using genuine copies of the software, there always will be those pirates who find ways around the system and illegally profit from the sale of copyright infringing software.

To combat this, Microsoft will soon be rolling out a new update for Windows Activation Technologies which will detect more than 70 known and potentially dangerous activation exploits.

Microsoft detailed the pending update on the Windows Team Blog, and warns that "Searching for, downloading, or installing ac

Thumb Drive to Install Windows 7

"Microsoft may be selling Windows 7 exclusively on DVD's, but did you realize that it takes very little effort to create a bootable thumb drive and install from that? We're taking a look at two popular methods of accomplishing this, and as you'll see, it couldn't be easier to install Microsoft's latest OS onto a PC with no DVD-ROM. It's faster, too!"

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