As part of budget deal, Congress blocks light bulb efficiency standards

"Unfortunately, efficiency for small items is one case where the free market doesn't typically work. Individually, light bulbs draw very little power, and replacing one won't make any notable difference in a consumer's monthly bills. In addition, the replacement bulbs are more expensive up front and take years to pay off. As a result, there's unlikely to be rapid adoption of more efficient technology, leading to an extended period of wasted energy. By repealing the standards, Congress has ensured that the waste will go on even longer."

Bias lighting and your computer monitor: $13 for more comfortable gaming

"It's hard to stare at a computer monitor for hours after dark, with the rest of the lights turned off in your home or office. Still, this is how many of us play games, myself included. When Antec offered to send the soundscience halo 6 LED bias lighting kit—which is a long official name—I had nothing to lose. If it didn't work, I could write a short, snarky post dismissing it as hokum. If it did work, my eyes would be more comfortable.

Let There Be LEDs: Building a Better Lightbulb

"If you thought mousetraps were tough, try building a better lightbulb. Just in time for Earth Day, a team of American inventors have created a bizarre-looking new bulb that turns illumination on its ear, using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) clustered within a conventionally shaped bulb for illumination rather than filaments or fluorescent tubes. It will never end up in a landfill. It will not poison anybody. It may be the light of the future, hopes Switch Lighting CFO Brett Sharenow.

LED Illuminated Teeth: Only in Japan

"The latest thing in Japanese orthodontistry involves putting LEDs into braces. Actually, no, but hip young Japanese kids can have their teeth outfitted with LEDs to light up their smiles like a Christmas tree."

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The Crucial Ballistix PC3-12800 DDR3 Triple Channel 6GB Smart Tracer Memory with LEDs is probably the coolest memory on the planet. With a number of color LED options, enthusiasts and modders will love it. Being triple channel 1600MHz memory with a timing of 8-8-8-24 also means it's fast. And let's not forget Crucial's fantastic no hassle support.



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Google Invested $3 Million in Cree LED Lightbulbs

"The one that's closest to being here today is a new LED lightbulb that features lighting technology created by Cree, and produces 450 lumens from a power draw of just 7 watts. It'll retail for $25 and be sold door-to-door through Kamen's FIRST youth program." | more



LEDs may put lasers out of quantum computing business

Quantum computers scarcely exist yet, but scientists have already begun working on shrinking them down by creating smaller components. A group of researchers have devised a way to use an LED to generate the entangled photon pairs needed for quantum teleportation, computing, and encryption. While the LED is not quite as reliable as lasers, its smaller footprint should help make quantum applications a bit more practical.

LED-backlit LCD monitors going mainstream in 2010

According to recent news from market sources in the LCD display manufacturing industry, the transition to LED-backlit monitors has been growing at a positively increasing rate, and the global market is on track to see the technology becoming mainstream in the consumer sector this year in 2010.

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