Jury orders Samsung to pay $1b in damages to Apple

"Late Friday, a US jury finally returned a verdict in the month long trial and Cupertino should be thrilled by the outcome. The court ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages. What’s more, the jury backed nearly all Apple claims. Apple welcomed the verdict, but also announced that it would petition the court to triple the damages, as it had originally asked for $2.7 billion in damages.

Valve to Steam users: No class-action suits

"Valve has issued an update to its Steam Subscriber Agreement that effectively prevents all Steam users from joining in class-action lawsuits against the company. Valve's new SSA requires that "you [the user] and Valve agree to resolve all disputes and claims... in individual binding arbitration," mimicking similar language added by EA to its Origin service agreement and Microsoft with Windows 8.

Big Cable fed up with endless P2P porn subpoenas

"The big ISPs, especially Comcast and Time Warner Cable, have intervened for months in massive file-sharing lawsuits, telling judges that they simply can't drop all of their activity for law enforcement in order to spend weeks doing IP address lookups on behalf of pornographers. And, when the ISPs get the chance to make their arguments before judges, they routinely go beyond complaints about the workload and challenge the very basis of the mass lawsuits.

Blizzard: Baby, It's Cold Outside

Johnny Mercer sang it best, "I really can't stay ♫ But, baby, it's cold outside ♫"

Let this be a lesson to those shameless copyright infringers. When Blizzards lawyers fine you 88 Million after only making 3 Million, you only have yourself to blame for being kicked out in the cold.

Activision 'demanding' Modern Warfare 3, claims lawsuit

Activision created a "police state" and conducted secret "interrogations" inside Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward following the infamous West/Zampella incident, an employee lawsuit has claimed.

Nearly 40 current and past Infinity Ward employees filed the suit against Activision earlier this year - and after amending their legal documents they're now looking for $216 million in "punitive damages and unpaid bonuses," reports Kotaku.

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