Killer NIC

Bigfoot's Killer Tech on ASUS ROG Motherboard

"Friday during CES 2011, Bigfoot Networks said that its Killer E2100 gaming network tech has been embedded on a combined LAN/audio card called ThunderBolt. This combo card will be included on the upcoming ROG Rampage III Black Edition motherboard from ASUS." | more

Bigfoot Networks 3rd Gen Killer NIC: Killer 2100

Back in 2006, technology newcomer Bigfoot Networks announced the Killer NIC, an unusual network interface card targeted at the high-end gaming market. With this coming fairly shortly after solid consumer-grade NICs became universally integrated in to motherboards, the timing wasn’t the best. At $280, neither was the price.

Bigfoot releases fastest Gigabit NIC on the planet

Bigfoot strikes again

Bigfoot Networks has finished up a new version of a product that they declare as the "fastest Gigabit NIC on the planet”. Assuming that aliens use NICs and the Gigabit this is possible we guess.

Dubbed the Killer 2100, Bigfoot claims it is big step up from your standard NIC not built for gamers. The Killer 2100 has a network processor that watches traffic and works on reducing lag. Most reviewers found improvements in gaming lag with some NICs, but perhaps not enough to justify the cost.

Killer Electrons From Outer Space

31 August 2007—Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico, say they have solved the mystery of satellite-zapping ”killer electrons” that are sometimes produced in Earth’s outer atmosphere. These highly energetic electrons—strong enough to damage electronics and human tissue—pose a danger to spacecraft, satellites, and astronauts. For many years, the mechanism by which they are produced has remained little understood, in spite of physicists’ attempts at solving this puzzle.



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