RIM: Jobs is Wrong; Seven Inches is Big Enough

"Jobs told analysts on Monday that RIM has an uphill battle when it comes building an app store because the presence of the iTunes App Store and the Android Marketplace will make it difficult for a third app store to be successful. The CEO also ragged on smaller, 7-inch tablets saying they should come with sandpaper so users can sand their fingers down to a quarter of their current size." | more

Control your iPhone with your brain..

PLX Devices: XWave, The world’s first brainwave interface accessory for iPad/iPhone/iPod allows you to harness the power of your mind

Solar Surge for iPhone and iPod

San Leandro, CA  March 11, 2010–

Worker Dies From N-hexane Poisoning

Wintek, who supplies touchscreen components to Apple for the iPhone and iPod touch, just got “exposed” for “hazardous work conditions”. One of the most severe? N-hexane poisoning, which the company illegally used instead of alcohol to clean screens.

In August of 2009, 49 people were treated for N-hexane poisoning, with one dead. The BoingBoing post says that the worker died this weekend, so it seems like Wintek continued to use the same N-hexane even after they were punished from last year.



iSkin DuoBand for Active Lifestyle

TORONTO, Canada – October 22, 2009 -- iSkin today released the iSkin DuoBand: the ideal solution for people with active lifestyles who want to protect and enjoy their iPod nano while on-the-go or during exercise. Unlike other armband solutions, the iSkin DuoBand allows users to conveniently slip their iSkin-protected iPod nano into the armband accessory — and back out again — without the hassle of having to remove its silicone protector. The iSkin DuoBand features a premium silicone iPod nano protector that guards against scratches, moisture and bumps.

Three ways to save some cash and repair or upgrade your iPod

Just because your iPod is broken in some way doesn't mean you have to buy a new one—there are ways to fix some basic problems on your own at home with little more than replacement parts and a steely resolve. Apple may be all about being green lately, but throwaway culture has made it so that anytime a gadget becomes less-than-perfect, we're frothing at the mouth for excuses to buy a new one. Dead pixels? Guess I need a new laptop! Battery is dying? That thing was old anyway. Need to take more music with you? That 160GB iPod is calling your name.

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