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Microsoft IE Has Serious Flaw, Someone Has Been Exploiting it for a Year

"No fix will come for most Windows XP users. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) issued a security advisory and threat database entry this week after a flaw was discovered that affected virtually every active version of Internet Explorer (IE), from IE6 to the latest and greatest IE 11..."

IE Patch To Fix 57 Vulnerabilities

"Microsoft is advising users to stick with other browsers until Tuesday, when 57 patches for Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, and even 10 are scheduled. There is no word if this patch is to protect IE from the 50+ Java exploits that were patched last week or the new Adobe Flash vulnerabilities. Microsoft has more information here. In semi-related news, IE 10 is almost done for Windows 7 and has a IE10 blocker available for corporations. No word on whether IE 10 will be included as part of the 57 updates."

Microsoft issues 'fix it' for IE vulnerability

Microsoft has released a quick fix for a vulnerability in older versions of its Internet Explorer browser that is actively being used by attackers to take over computers. The vulnerability affects IE versions 6, 7 and 8. The latest versions of the browser, 9 and 10, are not affected. The company occasionally issues quick fixes as a temporary protective measure while a permanent security update is developed if a vulnerability is considered particularly dangerous.

Microsoft's new automatic update plan could (finally) spell the end of IE6

"Microsoft has announced that starting in January 2012 Internet Explorer will, like Chrome, Firefox and Opera, no longer pester you with update notices. Instead Internet Explorer will automatically download and install updates in the background..."

Microsoft unveils 'do not track' option for IE9

"Microsoft says it will offer a privacy setting in the next version of Internet Explorer that will make it easy for users to keep their browsing habits from being tracked by advertising networks and other third-party websites." | more

UniBrows: new add-on puts IE6 in your IE8

"Browsium has developed an add-on called UniBrows aimed at companies that want to upgrade to IE8 but need to keep IE6 around." | more

The Chrome Assault: IE’s Walls Are Crumbling

"Net Application’s numbers for October show another loss for IE, down 0.39 points or 0.65% to 59.26%, the lowest number in, as far as we know, in at least 12 years. Firefox dropped as well, down to 22.82%, which is a 15 month low for Mozilla. The clear winner in October was Google, which saw its Chrome browser blow past the 8% barrier and landed at 8.47%, a gain of 0.49 points or 6.14% over September.

Reasons Why Microsoft's IE Dominance is Ending

The bad news just keeps coming for Microsoft's Internet Explorer platform. After being forced by the European Union to give Windows users the option of downloading other browsers besides its own, Microsoft has had to stand by and watch as the market share for Internet Explorer, once the overwhelmingly dominant browser in the market with over 90 percent market share, dipped below 60 percent. If the trend continues, as is expected, it might only be a matter of time before a majority of people around the globe are using other browsers than Internet Explorer.

IE web browser use drops below 60%

Microsoft's share of web browser use has dropped to an historic low below 60% for the first time since Internet Explorer 4 passed the beleaguered Netscape back in 1999.

According to statistics published by Net Applications, Internet Explorer dipped down to a 59.95% share of its observed traffic, falling from around 80% share in less than two and half years.

Google Upgrades Internet Explorer With Chrome

Google has released a Chrome Plug-in for Internet Explorer in an effort to please those still stuck using Explorer for one reason or another.

Plenty of people are still using Internet Explorer 6 because their place of work won't upgrade to the updated version of Microsoft's browser. With the introduction of Chrome Frame, Google is looking to help employees move on without forcing their bosses to do the same.

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