Intel 4004 microprocessors on eBay

"If you were looking to acquire the first microprocessor for your collection, or just to show it to your friends, there is a good deal on eBay right now. You can get Intel 4004 CPU in plastic package with full set of 4004 support chips, also in plastic packages, for mere $49 from this auction. Hurry, as these chips will sell fast. Granted, the plastic 4004 CPU is the cheapest from 4004 family, but in the past just the P4004 CPU without support chips was sold for more than $50.

Giant roundup: 146 Intel and AMD processors!

Dealing with current news means that we rarely have the opportunity to review old products and of course a comparison between the most recent products and those that came out several years ago can get a little problematic. But we’ve decided to push the boat out and take as exhaustive a look as possible at the Intel and AMD processor offer spanning the last five years.

When more cores are just not enough

"The CPU market is now flooded with multi-core and multi-threaded CPUs. We see them in everything from smartphones (with Dual Core Cortex A9 from ARM) to the highest end notebooks and desktops where the Core i7-980X is now king. But the question many people are asking is; what will more cores give me? - So let’s take a brief look at why even with 6 and 12 core CPUs in the channel we do not see better multi-thread and multi-tasking support in our applications and operating systems.

AMD, Intel Bringing More Cores to More Servers

Tuesday's big chip news was the introduction of Intel's new six-core Xeon 5600 chip, along with new servers based on the chip from Dell, HP, and IBM.

Nvidia launches Intel "eye-opener" site

See Chipzilla for what it really is

Fighting Chipzilla is no easy task, and even if the green team didn’t know all the historical consequences of surviving Intel, they surely felt it by now.

Nvidia has now gone into the “fight” more proactively and has made a site that can only be described as anti-Intel. The categories, as you’ll see for yourself, go from pretty technology-oriented “GPU vs. CPU” to more bash-Intel oriented as “Stack of Evidence”.

NVIDIA Court Clash with Intel

While AMD is saying that NVIDIA likes to bribe game developers, the Santa Clara GPU maker is appearing on TV and answering questions concerning the ongoing litigations with Intel over NVIDIA's rights to manufacture chipsets. Recently, NVIDIA Chief Executive Officer Jen-Hsun Huang agreed to an interview with Fortune magazine and took advantage of the situation to spell out just how firm the company's position was in relation with Intel's efforts to drive them out of the chipset market.

Fake Intel CPUs at Newegg - Updates

UPDATE - 03/08/10

Statement from Newegg:

Newegg Investigate Sale Of Fake Chips

Newegg and Intel (NSDQ:INTC) said they are investigating how the company could have received, and then sold, counterfeit Intel processors to customers, according to the company.

Late last week, the first claims surfaced that Newegg had sold fake Intel processors after at least one customer posted photos and other information of the allegedly fake products, to the Internet.

Intel plans multiplier-unlocked mainstream CPUs reports that Intel plans to release mainstream CPUs with unlocked multipliers - a feature normally reserved for the Extreme Edition CPUs, which generally retail at the $999 price point. Steve Peterson from Intel did not reveal much details - only that we can expect affordable CPUs with unlocked multipliers.

This would make most sense on either a Clarkdale or Lynnfield Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs. However, exact details remain unknown, as well as how "affordable" Mr.

Intel Executive Suffers a Stroke

"Intel Corp. said one of its top executives, Sean Maloney, suffered a stroke and will take a medical leave expected to last several months.

Mr. Maloney, 53 years old, is expected to make a full recovery and resume all his responsibilities after recuperating, the company said. The stroke occurred at his home late last week,..."

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