Core i7 950 to drop below US $300

According to the report at HKEPC, Intel will be making quite a few price changes this August. The most eye-catching one is the Core i7 950 which will drop from over US $562 down to US $294, replacing the Core i7 930.

Intel's prototype energy console

Sick of ever-increasing power bills? PC Authority recently spent some time with a fascinating Intel device that can tell you what's chewing the most power

One of the most impressive things about Intel is the massive amount of research and development that the company undertakes. It constantly strives towards new markets and new ideas. Ultimately the company's business is about selling silicon, so coming up with new places to put its processors is one of the driving forces behind research and development.



Intel Confirms It Will Not Enter High-End Graphics Field

Intel’s once-promising plan to take on Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices in chips that deliver high-end graphics was already looking troubled. Now it looks pretty much dead.

A statement Tuesday about that effort, delivered in a blog post on Intel’s website, is the latest fallout from stumbles in delivering a chip dubbed Larrabee that was expected to be used for high-end graphics and other applications.

Intel converts old servers to routers

Scientist at Intel Labs have come up with a way to reuse old servers and cluster them in such a way as to turn them into data centre routers.

The boffins, Gianluca Iannaccone and Sylvia Ratnasamy, have developed what they call “router bricks" for the reused servers which should save cash for IT departments. At the heart of the system is an open source software package called Click Router, developed at MIT a decade ago. This ties the servers together for their new roles in the data center.

Intel rolls out Moorestown platform

SoC for tablets and chunky phones

Intel has launched its latest 45nm Atom iteration, dubbed Moorestown. The system-on-chip (SoC) platform is targeted at the increasingly popular tablet and smartphone market and it features three chips.



Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme Silver CPU Cooler

April 20, 2010 The Taiwan based PC thermal solution expert, Tuniq, has announced a new addition to their Tower 120 Extreme series of ultra performance CPU coolers, the Ą§Tower 120 Extreme Silver. 

Intel 6 series chipsets detailed

Sandy Bridge in 2011 compatible

Sandy Bridge, the brand new 32nm architecture is coming in Q1 2011 and so is the chipset to support it. There will be at least five different chipsets for these new dual and quad CPUs and let me present you a few of them.

The Q67 is the first on the list and it presents the Business stable generation of products. It supports LGA 1155 CPUs, has 14 USB 2.0. it has total of six SATA ports where two of them are 6Gb/sec while the others are slower.

Intel hands out mega-multi-core to researchers

Alas we can't play with it

Intel is handing out PCs equipped with an experimental 48-core CPU to a handful of lucky researchers.

The gear is being sent out as part of a research project as the 48-core part might never become commercially available. Intel wants researchers who are likely to want it for supercomputing tasks to give it a try.

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