Why CPUs Aren't Getting Any Faster

"In fact, the next-generation of CPUs, including Intel's forthcoming Sandy Bridge processor, have to contend with multiple walls--a memory bottleneck (the bandwidth of the channel between the CPU and a computer's memory); the instruction level parallelism (ILP) wall (the availability of enough discrete parallel instructions for a multi-core chip) and the power wall (the chip's overall temperature and power consumption)..." | more

Nvidia CEO Wants Less of a Relationship with Intel

Jensen continues to work hard at alienating Nvidia from the rest of the world.

Intel Charging $50 to Unlock CPU's

Another questionable idea from Intel this year. How long before someone hacks the codes and everyone upgrades extra power for free?

The End of the Copper Wire

And God said, Let there be light: and there was silicon photonics. And God saw the light of 50 Gbps throughput, then thought it was kickass: and God divided the light into four lasers from the darkness. Amen.

Intel Shows Off Ray Tracing In Wolfenstein

In this demo video Intel is actually running some Ray Tracing, Sweet!

New Intel logo For 2nd Generation

Intel has a new logo for the second generation of Core processors. I don't know about you guys but I'm curious to see what this Sandy Bridge can do. Maybe the logo should have been Green Fire! lol

Intel Thinks Outside The Chip

In a positive spin Intel is diversifying their business and thinking outside the chip... So far however I'm not impressed with the buyout of McAfee.

USB 3.0 support in Intel Cougar Chipset

We can't actually have AMD being more innovative than Intel now can we? lol

Intel Attempts To Justify Ugly Marriage

It's the day-after the honeymoon and how does Intel justify this unlikely marriage with McAfee? Like this...

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