Intel Pentium

Intel to launch Pentium E6700 in Q2

Different than Core 2 Duo 6700

Since Core 2 Duo E6700 has been around for years, it's worth noting that the point of this story is not to revive the old and quite obsolete 65nm dual-core CPU.

In fact, Intel is planning to launch a new CPU and brand it Pentium 6700. This CPU will take the place of the E6600 CPU. Pentium E6600 works at 3.06GHz has 1066MHz FSB, 2MB cache and its based on dual core Wolfdale 45nm core.

The new CPU Pentium E6700 works at 3.2GHz and shares the rest of the specification.

Pentium – Intel’s Most Popular Processor

Intel Corp. introduced the very first Pentium processor on the 22nd of March, 1993, almost seventeen years ago. Since then Intel has introduced Atom, Celeron and Core brands for desktop central processing units (CPUs); nevertheless, Pentium-branded chips are still the most popular microprocessors for desktops from Intel.

According to documents seen by X-bit labs, Intel Pentium-branded processors will account for roughly 42% - 43% of Intel’s desktop chips volume in 2010.

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