Intel Core i5

Giada's i53 - Powerful Performance in a Book-Sized Mini PC

July 13, 2012, Shenzhen, China – Giada, a brand of Shenzhen Jiehe Technology Development, Co., Ltd, today announces the i53 Mini PC. With full HD 1080P video, high connectivity, support, and an attractive design, Giada's new book-sized i53 Mini PC is an ideal choice for home entertainment, web browsing, and document writing.

The i53 is based around Intel's Mobile HM76 Express chipset and Ivy Bridge technology platform. Even while offering great performance, this environmentally friendly PC only uses 35W.

3.6GHz Core i5 680 in the works

Core i7 870s coming too

Intel is gearing up to launch its fastest dual-core to date, the 3.6GHz Core i5-680.

The Clarkdale-based 32nm part has a TDP of 73W, which is quite impressive considering its high clock. It has 2x256kB of L2 and 4MB of L3 cache. Its integrated graphics are clocked at 733MHz and it officially supports dual channel DDR3 1333. We still don't know the exact price or launch date, but it will probably retail around the €240 mark, which is quite pricey for a dual-core, regardless of the clock.

Arrandale-based Core i5 runs Modern Warfare 2

One of the surprises of Intel's Core i5, Arrandale-based HD graphics solution is the fact that it can play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and still achieve the 30 FPS performance mark.

However, we should point out that the resolution was not that great as the game was running at 640x480, but it still appeared to run smoothly with good quality. Naturally, most of the eye candy was disabled but it was still impressive to see one of the latest games running on Intel’s new 32nm dual-core with 45nm graphics sitting on the same socket.

Cheapest Arrandale ULV to cost $241

Core i5 520UM that is the cheapest of all Arrandale 32nm dual-core CPUs with four threads will end up at a not-so-cheap $241. The scheduled launch is Q1 2010 and this CPU runs at 1.06GHz and supports Turbo that can help it get all the way to pretty impressive 1.86GHz.

The CPU has 3MB of cache, supports DDR3 800 memory and its total TDP is at a very acceptable 18W. The graphics is still stuck at 45nm and will run at 166MHz, but with a "little bit" of Turbo it will be able to get all the way to 500MHz.

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